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Frequently Asked Questions regarding The RUSH Band

How many Musicians are in the band normally and can you add more?
// The RUSH band can be booked in any form from our our main line up act as a 5 piece band, up to 8 piece with a horn section, to our background acoustic duo, We do also offer a 4 piece line up to suit a slightly tighter budget.


Would we need to hire Equipment and lighting for The RUSH band?

// We are fully self contained, and have our own PA and stage lighting equipment


What is Public Liability Insurance and PAT testing, and do you have it?

// We can provide PAT Testing and Public Liability certificates on request, they are standard documentation that most established venues require from bands now


We require some music when the band aren't performing?

// Gavin offers a professional DJing service as an additional option if required, more than just an ipod or laptop playlist plug in that some bands now offer. He is more than happy to take requests before or on the evening from you or your guests!


We've seen you have performed with a female singer, can we book her as well?

// The band has the option to even add a top female vocalist if required, for that extra something special 


Do we pay a deposit and is there a contract to secure the booking?

// There is a 20% deposit payable on signing the contract, the contract is there to protect the booking for you


Do you take requests or even learn a song for us?

// We are extremly happy for you to pick songs from our repertoire for the evening, and if you have a special song, as long as we can perform it with the instrumentation we have, we are happy to learn it for you at no extra charge. If you are happy to leave the choice of music up to us, we choose the songs on the evening based on the demographics and reaction of the audience on the night. We don't believe in writing a set list out, as we believe that the crowd picks the set by their reaction.


What will The RUSH Band wear?

// We can wear suits or less formal clothes, it is entirely up to you!


How much space do you require?

// in an ideal world, 3M by 5M for the 5 piece band, but we have sqeezed in to much smaller spaces! We do not require a stage but if you would like to book one for us through the venue, that would be great (but not essential at all). Set up takes about 30-40 minutes.


We are holding a Corporate Event, what sort of companies have you performed for ?

// We have performed for the biggest companies in the UK, please see the Testimonials page

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